Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Church and elections.

There needs to be an awakening concerning the need for Christians to be active in providing moral leadership in the various elections in te Western world. However, various vested interest groups question the involvement of the Church in politics.

Two extremes have been adopted by the Church, with each having their own problems. On the one hand, when the Church has assumed government in the civil realm, all sorts of excesses have been perpetrated in the name of religion. On the other hand, when the Church has adopted a retreatest position, ungodly men have risen to power, and oppressed even more cruelly.

The Scriptures call the Church "the pillar and ground of truth." As such, the Church has the God-ordained responsibility - the mandate - to remind civil government, and those who are involved in it, of God's truth relating to civil affairs. This involves a calling to account, not tyrannical control. To fail in this mandate is for the Church to deny its Gospel responsibility.

For the voice of the Church to be heard clearly by civil leaders, petty differences need to be laid aside, and a rallying support of fellow Christians needs to be made. The need is great, the task is immence, but the God of the Christian is more than able. What is needed is a sacrificial commitment to living and proclaiming truth, and a support of those who are vocal on our behalf.

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