Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Creed upon which to build society.

In 1990 I wrote:

The next ten years will be the most critical in terms of the coming Twenty-first Century. Whoever has the greatest influence upon the intellectual community will determine the foundations for the approaching epoch.

The foundation of any society is its Creed; the codified statement of faith. What a people really believe will determine how they behave.

The intellectual community has the task of interpreting how to apply such a Creed in the market place.

The prevelent Creeds of the Twentieth Century have been Marxist Economic Determinism, and Keynesian Fractional Reserve Banking (Debt Financing). The last few months have exposed the utter failure of that faith.

What needs to happen over the next ten years is for a new Creed to be presented to the intellectual community, that will provide a framework for the restructuring of society.

Such a Creed exists in the litany of many Christian Churches; it is the Apostles' Creed. If Christians began to make bold affirmation of the tenets of that Creed, with confident faith, and intellectuals began to rethink from such a presupposition, then the kind of society that would emerge would eclipse any that has previously existed.

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Steve from the Alice said...

Coming in 1990, your words have proven doubly prophetic. Not only have we seen the 'fall' of communism, we now in the space of two months have seen and are seeing what may be the 'fall' of western-style capitalism.