Friday, November 21, 2008

Hope? Our only Hope.

Recently I was viewing the Australian and Pacific Island Indigenous exhibit at the South Australian State Museum, and an overwhelming melancholy settled upon me. On the previous day I had witnessed some of the choicest, rich and ripe fruits of our Christian Western Culture -- reflected in the exhibition of some of the paintings of Hans Heysen that I saw in the South Australian State Gallery -- but I was also a witness to some of the depths of our cultural apostacy -- witnessing public, defiant displays of open homosexuality and lesbianism in the streets of Adelaide. And here, in the Australian and pacific Island Indigenous exhibit I was also made aware of their cultural heights and cultural depths as expressed through the displays of art, artefacts and filmed cultural practices as displayed in the museum.

More than ever before, I became aware that there is only one hope for all Mankind, in all its cultural nuances, and that is the unadulterated, full Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Oh Lord, save me, a wretched sinner, living in a wicked and adulterous generation, and make me a pure vessel to trumpet the only good news message: Jesus Christ is God incarnate; He lived a sinless life and fulfilled all the righteous requirements of God's Holy Law; He was crucified, buried and after three days and three nights rose from the grave, triumphing over sin, Satan, the world, the flesh and death; He ascended into heaven, there to sit until all His enemies have been made His footstool; he now goes forth conquering and to conquer -- the Stone which the builders rejected has become the Corner Stone of a new and living temple, and those who fall upon Him shall be broken, but those upon whom He falls shall be crushed and ground to powder (without exception, individuals, families, communities, nations, empires, civilisations: none, at any level of human organisation, are exempt).

The marks of decline are evident in my own Western culture. The judgements of God are unleashed upon our apostate way of life. Are we at the edges of the close of our civilisation, or are we poised to see a massive wave of repentence and turning to the Lord? I do not know. However, I do want to finish my days with every part of my being faithfully declaring the glorious Gospel. There is no other hope; there is no other way; there is no other avenue open to men. Jesus said, "The kingdom of God will be taken away from you and be given to another nation producing the fruits of it." God will take the kingdom of God from the West if it continues along its path of apostacy, and He will pass the kingdom opportunity on to another people who rise to the challenge of the kingdom. In time, on earth, and before the final consummative return of Christ, there shall be a nation that finally believes the promises of God and fully embraces the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with all its promises and obligations - what a glorious day, what an awesome privilege and responsibility.

Lord, make me faithful in my contribution towards that great and awesome reality.

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