Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Pagan State.

"Paganism is the religion of cultural death." The religion of paganism is embraced by a culture that is in decline. Paganism has been defined as: "the worship of false gods," and it has, as its penultimate manifestation, the worship of the State as god.

The True God is: Creator (making all things out of nothing), Ruler (having all things within His control), Transcendent (unaffected by the affairs of humanity), Self-sufficient (needing nothing outside of Himself), Provider (the source of everything), King (the determiner of what is right and wrong), Immanent (intimately involved in human affairs), and Sustainer (Whose proceeding Word holds the universe together).

The modern State claims all of these attributes, and more: creator (generating credit and lots of paper/plastic and calling it money), ruler (attempting to control in every area of life), transcendent (assuming an untouchable status), self-sufficient (closing their ears to the counsel of godly men), provider (hocking the country to give more hand-outs to more and more people), king (legislating right and wrong in contradiction to ethical sanity), immanent (prying into intimate details of the affairs of its citizenry), and sustainer (pretending to be able to hold the whole thing together by rhetoric and brute force).

We make demands of "the government" as if it can perform miracles in a godlike manner. When we do so, we bow to the god of paganism.

Our culture will steadily decline whilst we worship at the altar of paganism. The only hope of pulling back from cultural suicide is to acknowledge the True God and obey His Law-Word.

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Steve from the Alice said...

Ouch--but true! Keep going, brother!