Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Psalm of Searching - Concerning the Will of God (Number 14)

Jesus, You came to fulfill the will of Your Heavenly Father.
Each moment of Your walk through Your short life
Was directed by the indwelling Holy Spirit,
Who spoke to you concerning the Father's perfect will.
Sometimes You were completely misunderstood
Because His will didn't conform to rational logic;
We would have thought that if Lazarus was sick,
Then that would have been the time to go to him to heal him.
But Your Father had other ideas, and His will was perfect.

Those who walked with You, and after Your death,
Those who followed the, all were guided by the same Holy Spirit.
They all agreed with you, "Not my will, but thine be done."
Continually, the Holy Spirit would caution, guide, prohibit, lead,
Direct, counsel and instruct. Your seal of companionship was upon
Those who listened and obeyed the indwelling Umpire.

Lord, this morning I have been challenged with the issue of your will.
Do I find myself in the way of Your will? If not, how do I return?
What is the posture that Your require of me right now?
What is my condition before You?

As I sit and wait upon Your answer to these questions, I am conscious
That my responses to the events, circumstances and people that surround
Fall far short of Your standard: "In everything give thanks, for this
Is the will of God, in Christ Jesus, concerning you."

I will say to my soul, "Give thanks to the Lord, for this is His will
In Christ Jesus. Give thanks to the Lord, for He has done great and
Mighty things, and will continue to do great and mighty things,
If you will patiently endure, and hold fast your confidence to the end."

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