Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Psalm that Meditates on the Joy of Life (Number 8)

It was for freedom that Christ has set us free;
He came that we might have life,
And that more abundantly.
Such joy is not found in the busyness of materialism;
The never ending cycle of earn to buy.
Such joy is not found in the grind
Of absolute poverty;
The kind that chains us to slavery.
Such joy is not found in a multiplicity of experiences.

In contentment to love the simple pleasures of life
Do we find the joy that Jesus came to lavish upon us.
Digging a garden in the back yard;
Hard work, but so rewarding when God gives the increase.
Sitting and singing around a camp fire,
With smoke in the eyes, a billy on the boil,
A damper in the ashes, and the promise of a warm sleeping bag
Tugs strongly at the chords of affection.
Such simple pleasures draw us closer to each other,
And closer to Him.

So I have determined to enjoy life.
I will be content with the simple things,
Laugh a lot, and let opportunities to be busy,
Just slip by.
Lord, You come to give me abundant life,
So let me discover this abundance each day
In the tasks that You have given me to do.

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