Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wealth as the consequence of giving.

It is the responsibility of the wealthy to remember the poor, and to assist genuine poverty whenever they are able, but it is not true that all who are wealthy accumulated their wealth by exploiting the poor. Some do, but not all.

The one main rule of the free enterprise system is that you must first give to get. It is the wealthy who give of their time, their energy, who risk their capital and give others jobs. The wealthy give taxes to provide facilities, like hospitals and so on, for the poor to exploit. It is the wealthy who are really exploited.

The opportunity for wealth is only limited by the degree of self-giving. The greatest wealth is not necessarily material wealth, though this is not prohibited, but rather it is the wealth that comes from serving someone outside yourself. If you are poor in friends, then give of yourself to be a friend, and you will find yourself become wealthy in friendships. If your poverty is in meaning for life, then find someone to help who is needing direction; this will set you on the right path in your own life. Create a service that others will not do, and you will not be able to contain the increase.

If you are poor, don't think it is because you have been exploited by the wealthy, rather, look for ways to serve the wealthy, the poor, your neighbours, and true wealth will just roll your way.

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