Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who would be a Prophet?

Who would want to be a prophet? For many, a prophet is one who tells what is going to happen in the future. This is not necessarily the case. A prophet is one who is conscious of how far short a culture has fallen from its bench mark, and warns that if there is not a change in cultural bahaviour, there will be desperate consequences. A change in behaviour will avert the consequences, so that the impending is not inevitable.

A prophet doesn't necessarily have a long flowing robe with a bushy beard. He, or she, will be very conscious of his/her own failings and limitations. A prophet sees what is, from a transcendent perspective, recognises points of departure, and intuitively knows how things will turn out if there is not some radical change.

The pain that a prophet experiences relates to the fact that he or she moves against the tide, and it seems that no-one will listen to the small voice in the wilderness. Compassion for the ignorant fills the heart of the prophet, but his/her words are rejected and he/she is despised.

The measure of a culture's maturity is the sensitivity it expresses towards its prophets. When we gag the voices of our prophets, expecially when they speak against us, we nail the lid on our own coffin.

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Steve from the Alice said...

Thanks for encouraging this prophet! I know what you write about.