Monday, January 26, 2009


And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have had a dream ... " (Genesis 41:15)

During the campaign of American President, Barak Hussein Obama, there were flash-backs to Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. Martin Luther King, himself, had personal issues (he was a serial philanderer, amongst others). Obama's campaign was impregnated with the promise of dreams fulfilled.

Pharaoh's dream was outworked in the enslavement of the people of Egypt. The providence of God's servant, Joseph, saved the Egyptians from total destruction, but the people traded their freedom for enslavement to the State because of the extended hardship that they faced.

Obama is facing an extended period of hardship under his administration, and the people of America will have an important decision to make: Will they pay the costs of freedom, or will they trade their freedom for the security of trusting that their saviour, Barak Hussein Obama, will keep them supplied with bread and circuses?

Only those whose trust is in the Sovereign God, as revealed in the Scriptures, will be able to weather the shaking that is ahead for the world. Those whose trust has been in the false "Name it and claim it; blab it and grab it" god of many of the American mega-churches will be tempted to sell their freedom for the promised security of Obama's dream. Some of the church leaders have already come out publicly endorsing Obama's messianic promises.

Oh Lord, completely set me free from any trust in Civil government's ability to save us from the realities of life. O Lord, there is salvation in no other name than the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and there is no promise of material blessing other than through obedience to Your holy Law-Word.


Steve from the Alice said...

In my 58 years of participating in both American and Australian demoncracies, I have clung to in hope to Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Reagan, and Bush II. I have endured and/or tolerated Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton. More recently in Austrlia, I have pinned my hopes and my votes on Frasier and Howard, while enduring Hawke and Keating.

More recently there is Rudd and now Obama. The only thing for sure is that both countries continue to accelerate the slide into lawlessness and general godlessness. God will help us or destroy us according to His Covenant principles. Ditto for the world. I must remember to pray more diligently for all in authourity to lead according to His will.

Bridge said...

And there is the nub of our dilemma. Australia is not a democracy, but rather a Constitutional Monarchy, and the Founding Fathers of the Uniting States promoted a Constitutional Republic. When we talk of democracy, we embrace the noting that the "Voice of the People is the Voice of God." However, when the people worship idols and forsake the Living God, then their voice is the voice of the Devil.

It is because the democratic principle has been absolutised that we have now become subject to the Tyranny of the 51%. The Australian system of government ensured that we had undemocratic checks and balances (inequitable Senate, with half retiring early; and an unelected Head of State to be above politics)to weaken the dangers of such a Tyranny.

With the creation of big Shires, the States are in danger. Without the states there will be no need for a Senate representing the affairs of the States. Without the Senate, there will be no brake for political agendas, and with an elected Head of State, the whole mess will be one big political bun fight.

Lord, help us.