Monday, January 19, 2009

The blessing of motherhood

60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her:

“Our sister, may you become
The mother of thousands of ten thousands;
And may your descendants possess
The gates of those who hate them.” (Genesis 24:60)

In the Biblical context, child-bearing is considered to be the ultimate of blessings for a woman. A woman who has given birth to many children, and subsequently has become the grand-mother and great grand-mother of many progeny is blessed indeed.

We live in a society that has denigrated child-bearing to such an extent that a woman's best child-bearing years are relegated to pursuing a vocational career, and the inconveniences of child-rearing are avoided at great cost. Should the economic plan be interrupted with the appearances of an unwanted pregnancy, then the option of murdering the unborn children is freely resorted to. Should the child actually be born, then more often than not it is sent to a child minding centre to be raised by strangers.

As Christians, this aught not be our view. We must train our daughters to recognise the very high privilege God has given them to bare and raise children for His Kingdom. We must train our young men that it is their duty to encourage and support their future wives in this very high calling. As fathers we must bless our daughters with the prayer that was prayed by Rebekah's family over their daughter and sister; so that ultimately the enemies of God shall be outnumbered by the Children of God who will live under the government of God, bringing great blessing and peace to our world.

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