Monday, January 5, 2009

If Dr Francis McNab's Proposals are True

I cannot sleep thinking about the implications of Dr Francis McNab's propositions. Push them to their logical conclusion, and ponder the life that is possible!

If there is no interventionist God, no heaven, no hell, and no 10 Commandments, what would be the possibilities?

There is no Judge to Whom I am accountable. I can live without restraint, because there is no heaven to reward me for forgoing whatsoever my fallen heart may crave, and no hell to fear or to restrain my ventures into forbidden behaviours - in fact, there would be no forbidden behaviours, as every behaviour is a legitimate possibility, without constraint.

If I may worship other gods besides the Biblical God, as He has revealed Himself, then I may worship every opposite to God's self-revelation: I may worship "hate" (for God is love), I may worship "darkness" (for God is light), I may worship "evil" (for God is good), I may worship "death" (for God is life), I may worship "lostness" (for God is the way), and so on. We become like the things we worship, so to follow Dr McNab's advice is to become hateful, dark, evil, lifeless, lost and all other such like characteristics.

If I may create images in the likeness of anything that is on the earth, in heaven or under the earth, if I may bow down to them and worship them, then I will eventually become like the things I create and worship. I will become savage and voracious like a lion; I will become as deadly as a swarm of wasps or as poisonous as a blue-ringed octopus.

If I may take the name of the Lord in vain, with impunity, then there is no oath, and no restraints upon my lying and false statements. No one would be able to trust any word spoken by any other person, and there would be no way of conducting business in the marketplace.

If there is no Sabbath day, then there is no time for rest and recreation. Life will be filled with frenetic activity from birth to death, and on into eternity - ceaseless, restless activity forever.

If there is no honour for parents, then there is no honour and respect for any authorities. Life will be filled with disrespect and rebellion against any and every authority at every level. There will be no mediatorial constraints or limits to the actions lusted after by unrestrained appetites and desires.

If there is no constraint on murder, then any one can kill indiscriminately, at the merest displeasure or whim - taking of life, character assassination, unfettered violence.

If there is no constraint on adultery, then every sexual act, thought or word is freely allowable. There is no such thing as child pornography. Rampant rape, bestiality, and every other perversion is fully acceptable behaviour - and why not?

If there is no constraint on theft, then there is no allowance for personal ownership of private property. Whatsoever in the possession of any other person is open to me to take and use as I wish, and at my own whim, without any reference to the person who currently has possession of the property. And others may do the same to anything that I may currentlyhave in my possession - including medicines and medical equipment that I may need for my survival, food that I may need to keep me alive, shelter that I may need to keep me protected from extremes of weather, and so on.

If there is no constraint on false witness, then I am free to tell every lie and false story about any other person at any time, and for any reason. There is no constraint, no judge, and no consequence to me for any outcome that results from my lie.

If I may covet anything in the possession of anyone else, then there is no constraints on me either taking the things from others, or destroying them so that neither I nor the other person my continue the use of the thing coveted.

Pushed to their logical conclusions, all the ideas posited by Dr Francis McNab are unlivable propositions. Dr McNab would be the first to complain if I lived consistently with his ideas in the vicinity of him and his family. Dr McNab has unleashed a Demon that cannot be easily be placed back in the pit. The Uniting Church has much to answer for because they have not defrocked and disfellowshipped the heretical cleric within their midst. The city of Melbourne faces all kinds of unrestrained behaviours because Dr McNab has given full permission for them to be lived out. The True church in Melbourne will have to face the backlash of hatred for the constraints of God and His Law-Word that Dr McNab has given permission for Covenant-breakers to express.

The war is clearly at our door. It is a war between Humanism (in all its manifestations) and Biblical Christianity, and it is a war to the death. Humanism will not pull back until it has murdered every resistance to its lust for unfettered self-determination. Biblical Christianity cannot afford to be nice, and pull back from unrestrained proclamation of the whole counsel of the Bible-revealed, Triune God. If the Bible is True, then it is True in every part, and the whole Truth must be declared and lived - even the bits that speak against us and are hard to embrace because of our own sinfulness and fallenness.

Saints of God, the resurrected Christ goes forth conquering and to conquer. His resurrection is a cosmic resurrection - affecting the whole of life, in the whole of the universe, for the duration of time.

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Steve from the Alice said...

I was not aware of Rev. McNab nor his new billboard campaign to rid the world, not just Christianity of the evils of, among other things, of The Ten Commandments. God will work His justice and judgment.