Thursday, February 5, 2009

We must work our way out of the mess.

9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work ... (Exodus 20:9)

Australia is known as the land of the long weekend. In fact, it has been in the forefront of economic lunacy by introducing holiday leave loadings: "You get paid more for doing nothing, than you get paid for being productive."

God's wisdom demands that we work six days for the sake of productivity. He has given us one day to rest, but the other six days are for labour and doing what is necessary to prosper and get ahead.

Mr Kevin Rudd has advocated that government debt and a public spending spree will save Australia from the economic woes that are ahead. He is wrong! He is dreadfully wrong! It is debt and unbridled spending that has got us in the mess we are currently in. When did chucking petrol on an oil fire put out the fire? When will debt-fuelled spending rectify a mess caused by general covetousness?

Only when we return to the Wisdom of the Lord will we be able to get out of the mess we find ourselves in. We must work our way out of the mess, and that does not necessarily mean paid work, but it does mean a work oriented attitude, not a leisure oriented attitude.

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