Friday, March 6, 2009

Raise the voting age, and kick women out of the Military

1 And it came to pass, after the plague, that the LORD spoke to Moses and Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest, saying: 2 “Take a census of all the congregation of the children of Israel from twenty years old and above, by their fathers’ houses, all who are able to go to war in Israel.” (Numbers 26:1-2)

"Twenty-one today, twenty-one today.
I've got the key to the door -
Never been twenty-one before ..."

In 1973 the age of majority was changed from twenty-one to eighteen as a ploy to rally the anti-Vietnam War block. A monster was created! Having lived with eighteen year olds, I now am convinced that the Lord knows much better: "Young men are not mature enough to take on the responsibilities of manhood, at least until the age of 20 or more. The teenage brain is defective, and has not settled yet. By lowering the voting age, we have given important decision-making to a group of people who do not have the capacity to view life in a mature way.

Facts About the Teenage Brain (quoted):
What we now know about the teenage brain may surprise you. It is definitely a work in progress. The study of the brain (neuroscience) has made great strides over the past decade due to the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) that provides accurate pictures of the living, growing brain and of molecular biology. We once thought that the brain was fully formed by the end of childhood, but research has shown that adolescence is a time of profound brain growth and change. We now know: Between childhood and adulthood the brain’s “wiring diagram ” becomes more complex and more efficient, especially in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. The greatest changes to the parts of the brain that are responsible for impulse-control, judgement, decision-making, planning, organization and involved in other functions like emotion, occur in adolescence. This area of the brain (prefrontal cortex) does not reach full maturity until around age 25! Adult response to stimuli tends to be more intellectual, while teens’ is often more “from the gut.” The fastest growing group for suicide is youth aged 10 to 14.
Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death of adolescents.

In Rome, a person is not permitted to vote for the Senate until they have reached the age of 25 - good policy!

"By their father's house ..." Political significance is according to fatherhood. Voting should be done by heads of households, which is a job-holding, land-owning, married man. Such men will vote for the strengthening of the family, which will lead to a stronger economy and a safer environment. The unemployed and landless will tend to vote for more social welfare, weakening the economy. Unmarried men tend to be self-centred, and women should be under either the headship of their fathers or the headship of their husbands. Aliens / foreigners need to embrace the values of the adoptive homeland before they can vote to influence the law-base of the nation.

Universal franchise, including adolescents with improperly formed brains, has weakened the western world. The Bible teaches: "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God!'" Because Godless men and women have been given the vote, and allowed to take political office, we have seen the steady increase in foolish policies implemented as a part of political agenda.

"all who are able to go to war in Israel." God does not entertain the thought of sending women and girls to war. War is not a conceivable environment for women and girls. Last night the horror of rape, as an instrument of genocide being commanded by the Islamic, Sudanese President against Christian Sudanese women, has been hailed by the International Court as a crime against humanity. Yet we, in Australia, have swallowed the lie that women should be included in military service - "If women have the vote, then they should be included in the defence of the nation," goes the argument. This is foolishness, and it is birthed out of a contempt for the Wisdom of God as revealed in the pages of the Bible. This is why a Biblical census only included males who were 20 years and older - it was a census of those who could be counted on to defend the nation, who had the brain development enough to make rational decisions in a time of crisis, and who could not be subjected to psychological strategies such as rape to demoralise the army.

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