Friday, April 24, 2009

The Ultimate of Blasphemies

The following webcast is a statement of the ultimate blasphemy.

Christians who support such initiatives spit in the face of their Saviour, and crucify Him again. Why? To work for the re-establishment of a physical temple made of inanimate, materials such as stones and precious metals, is to say to the Father, the blood of Your Son was not good enough. Only the blood of bulls, sheep, goats and doves will deal with sin.

Oh Lord, never let me have anything to do with such blasphemy!

Jesus, You are the Cornerstone of the Temple made without hands; You are the High Priest who has gone within the veil; You are the Mercy Seat in heaven; You are the light of the world; You are our sanctification; You are all the fulfilment and reality of all the things the material Temple was a type and shadow of.

To go back to the Type and Shadow, is to reject the efficacy of the fulfilment and reality. May I never fall from grace to such a depth of apostasy.

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