Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good on you N.T. Wright

(Jesus) said to them, "I must preach the kingdom of God ... because for this purpose I have been sent." (Luke 4:43)

I recently read the book, "Justification" by the Anglican Bishop, N.T. Wright. Whatever the reader's position on Wright's view of Justification, honest people must respond to his challenge that Evangelicals have often twisted the plain reading of Scripture to suit their presuppostion that the central focus of the purposes of God is the salvation and guarantee of a place in heaven for individuals.

Well, Jesus didn't seem to think that this was the central purpose for His incarnation. Accdording to the passage above, the central purpose was the preaching of the kingdom of God. Jesus' teaching only briefly intimated concerning life beyond the grave. However, He spent an enormous amount of time talking about how to live life now, today, in the context of His kingship and government through the operation of the Person of the Holy Spirit and the application of every word that continues to proceed from the mouth of God.

I loved reading Wright's book, and he seemed to tie together a lot of thoughts that have been bouncing around my head for many years. It has emboldened me to press on in the cause of being a part of the answer to Jesus' model prayer: " ... hallowed be Your name. Your Kingdom COME, Your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven."

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