Monday, March 29, 2010

What kind of wife does your daughter asipire to be?

An excellent wife (a wife of valor, a virtuous woman) is the crown of her husband: but she who causes him shame (who makes him ashamed) is like rottenness in his bones (is as corruption in his bones). (Proverbs 12:4 -- combination of NKJV & Geneva Bible)

Matthew Henry explained this verse in this way:

He that is blessed with a good wife is as happy as if he were upon the throne, for she is no less than a crown to him. A virtuous woman is pious and prudent, active for the good of her family, makes conscience of her duty, a woman that can bear crosses without disturbance. She is faithful to him and by her example teaches his children and servants to be so too.

A Bad wife is no better than rottenness in his bones, an incurable disease, besides that she makes him ashamed. She that is silly and slothful, wasteful and wanton, passionate and ill-tongued, ruins both the credit and comfort of her husband.

Matthew Henry's comments are insightful, and accurate. Parents must counsel their sons to choose their life partner carefully; and they must train their daughters to be the kind of person who has the character to fulfill the roll of an excellent, virtuous wife, full of valor.

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