Monday, August 2, 2010

The Paradoxes of the Bible: Not Either / Or, But Both

The Bible has many apparent paradoxes. However, we are not to settle with either / or, but to hold both with equal conviction. God is God, and only He is able to fully comprehend the multiple facets of His self-revelation. The Scripture says that God is Love, and this is true. However, if we hold to this as the only understanding of the nature of God, we will create in our minds an idol, which is a caricature of the Biblical God. Whilst God is Love, at the same time, His is Holy, Just, Angry, True, Jealous, and many other things as well.

The God we serve is all these things, and many more, and all at once and at the same time, in all places, and He has never changed, and will never change.

We become like the god that we hold in our mind. If the god we think upon is an idol, we will live a false life, inconsistent with the realities of the universe.

We must receive the Biblical revelations of the many facets of the Triune God, and receive them as stated. This is imperative if we are to gain an understanding of reality as it is. Otherwise, we will try to live our lives against the flow of the entire universe, and such foolishness will end in death.

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